Perfume is often seen as just a luxury item. At Paris Connection, we believe perfume is a must. We believe fragrance is an essential part of your wardrobe, your outfits, and your personality. Fragrances represent who we are. They tell others and the world who we are. Most importantly, they reaffirm who we’re to ourselves and become a part of our identity. 

  1. Perfumes Inspire Feelings

Have you ever walked past someone who just smells terrific? Can you remember the thoughts and feelings you experienced as a result? 
Perfumes are much more than just a smell. They have the power to create feelings of love, energy, power, happiness, awe, sensuality and peace.
One of the most common feelings is desire. It is this simple: A man walks past a woman, he picks up her perfume and instantly he is intrigued about her. You may have had moments in a bar where you run into a guy, and the same thing happens. You pick up his scent and instantly want to get to know him better. Scent is extremely powerful at producing feelings and can be used to great effect. 

  1. Triggers Memories

Fragrances trigger memories that can send you back in time. Have you ever got a hint of someone’s perfume and it instantly sends you back to a specific moment in the past? Perfumes are powerful in this way. We link smell to memories much more powerfully than sound or taste. Maybe your mother wore Chanel No.5 and every time you get whiff of it you think of her. Perfume has the power to make your brain remember the feelings you felt at a particular moment in your life. 

  1. Your Fragrance Reflects Your Personality

Did you know that Persian rulers had their own personal scent? This scent would be exclusive to them for which they were renowned throughout their lands. Having your own “signature scent” is no longer easy to get unless you make your own fragrances. However, the way you smell can form a part of your identity if you stick to one scent. You probably know someone in your life with a “signature scent”. You can sometimes smell them before you see them. You can make your perfume a part of your identity. Just find your perfect beautiful fragrance and stick with it.

  1. Lift Your State of mind

Scent can go about as a superpower. Similar as putting on your allegorical hero cape when you need to take on the world, scent can work just the same. Some people can’t leave the house without their jug of super scent. Their fragrance fills them with confidence, supports their mood and sets them up for the day. Your perfume can be a magical potion that helps you to take on the world. Whenever you face an important day at work or an energizing date, ensure you take your super scent with you. You will not fail.

  1. Match Your Outfit

Your perfume is just as significant as your clothes or shoes. Figuring out how to coordinate with your aroma to your outfit is a craftsmanship that many neglect to get right. Every outfit you buy, deserves an extraordinary fragrance to go with it. Your scent must represent your style. Click here to check out our favorite fragrances. 


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